SA-Bišćan transport offers domestic and international transport

We transport your trust.

We can offer you services of domestic and international transport, as well as fast, timely and safe delivery of goods to any part of Europe. All this can be confirmed by our satisfied business partners.

Our logistics team is always at our partners’ disposal to fulfil their requirements and organise the fastest and most efficient transport of goods.

SA-Bišćan transport provide a reliable and high-quality cargo service in accordance with the highest European standards and norms. Our vehicles are located in all European countries every day. Our fleet comprises a few dozen tractor units that meet all the strict European environmental standards.

SA-Bišćan transport for all shipments entrusted, in any European country, guarantee the following:

  • the same transport prices as contracted applicable throughout the agreed period of time;
  • vehicles with modern equipment, guaranteeing safe delivery of even the most fragile cargo;
  • all the goods we transport are covered by a carrier’s liability insurance policy;
  •  SA-Bišćan transport tracks vehicles using the newest GPS technology, so you can check the status of your shipment and delivery time at any moment.