About us

SA-Bišćan Transport guarantees the safety of your cargo.

We transport your trust.

SA-Bišćan, company for construction and technical services, was established in 2007 with a registered office in Podvožić, Duga Resa and an office in Karlovac, Luščić 8 b. Other than construction, which is our primary activity, we have expanded our business over the past few years to include transport services. This is how SA-Bišćan transport is created.
Today, SA-Bišćan transport can proudly say that we transport goods in our heavy goods vehicles for a large number of clients, both in Croatia and throughout Europe.
Our mission is to provide our clients with a safe, reliable, continuous and cost-effective service through a strong logistics support team that is fully committed to their needs.
SA-Bišćan transport core values:
  • Implementation of ethical business practice
  • Focus on clients’ needs
  • Development of partnerships with all our clients
  • Continuous development of our business